Wizkid amekipata pata. Fans went on an all out rampage after they found out that Ali Kiba’s MTV award had been wrongfully given to Nigerian star Wizkid.

The anger online was directed at Wizkid after MTV  awarded him instead of Ali Kiba. No one could manage the vitriol that was spewed towards the Nigerian act. It got sooooo bad, that Ali Kiba had to step in and ask his people to step the f*ck down.


Ali Kiba in a statement said,

“I am not happy with what has been going on, on social media. I have a great appreciation for wizkidayo as a fellow artist and as a fan. I am very disappointed and saddened by the insults and attacks directed at him, and I want to be very clear that I condemn this behaviour and I believe none of my true fans are part of this irrational silliness and stupidity as they know I have always had love for wizkidayo. #KingKibaja #KingKiba.”

The Mwana hitmaker added, “Drown out the noise from the haters bro, congratulations on your very successful year. Much love from my real fans and from Tanzania ???????? Pamoja.

Meanwhile Wizkid seem to be subtweeting Tanzanian fans. In an Instagram post, he wrote,

“Fvck boys will always be fvck boys! We keep it trillll!!”