Kwani Zari anafanya kazi gani? Forget the rib cracking experience you have when a friend shrubs, Diamond Platnumz’s attempt at speaking the queens language is the perfect example of RIP English.

This celebrated bongo artist has on several occasions misused English. I understand that he is allowed to make grammatical mistakes just like you and I. But hey! The numerous grammatical errors he’s made are too much.

I however understand where this Niseme Nawe hit maker is coming from, being fluent in kiswahili. I must agree we are all proud of Swahili as the East African language, but my point is that when Diamond Platnumz begins to tweng, the sexy lad only attracts criticism.

Before making it big, Diamond would use swahili to communicat, but perhaps the pressure to up his game was too much.

The father of two has now transformed and is now speaking what he terms as “good English” that somehow sounds like African American.

It seems like fame comes with an added advantage of an accent too! Just recently, in his behind the scenes video of  ‘Utanipenda’ hit song, Diamond was heard saying;

” I want you to get why i am wanting this….You Know why i am wanting this?…Am Just wanting to be like….”


Bearing in mind that the Mdogo Mdogo hit maker is married to a Ugandan-South African based socialite who speaks fluent English, it would be expected that she would teach her hubby the queens language or better still advice hit to stop twenging.

That way fans will know that Diamond is an East African like any other who can make grammatical mistakes. They say fake it till you make it. Go for it bruh!

Here are some of Diamonds comments on social media that have left his fans in utter disbelief;

diamondplatnumzAlways there when my fans needs me….

diamondplatnumzLooking at 2017 like…. S/O to my all lovely and diehard fans…

diamondplatnumzWhich Name did you guys said, that i should call my Son…?

 diamondplatnumzA big birthday wishes to my beautiful niece…

My all Followers…If you are in Tanzania or you are about to come to buy a Land, Apartments

diamondplatnumzA big birthday wishes to my Bway

diamondplatnumzMy USA People!!! AMERICA!!!! I wanted to let you know that my all @wcb_wasafi Artists