DNG last year wed a girl who was so beautiful, that you almost couldn’t look at her directly — like the sun.8c8225f0a5da02765b21965e0e184b3e

But he later revealed that she had a dark heart and a sh*ty personality in an argument with his fans.

He went on to add that he would rather date a girl who did not have much going on for her in terms of looks but had a heart of gold.

About two months after this declaration, DNG recent flaunted a pretty girl who sat on his lap, fuelling rumors that the number One Hypeman was back in the game…with a bang.

“She fell in love with the G in me” he captioned the photo which was accompanied by a winky face.


Check out the said lass who the fans clearly approved of:

Kenyan entertainer Davidson Ngibuini aka DNG has lambasted his ex-wife, Yvette Nungari, in a thinly veiled attack on social media.

In a series of Instagram posts, the self-styled king describes his ex as someone with “a really dark heart and a shitty personality.”

“I dumped a really hot chic (Yvette) who had a really dark heart and a shitty personality,” reads the caption of DNG’s photo in the company of an unidentified woman.


DNG’s post on Instagram in which he criticizes his ex-wife Yvette Nungari.


The new development comes just a month shy of what would have been the celebrity couple’s first wedding anniversary.

The couple tied the knot in in 2015 at the scenic Fair Mount Kenya Safari Park.

In an apparent hint to his unhappiness in his failed marriage DNG adds:

“I’d rather be with a chic who scores 1/10 when it comes to looks but has a heart of gold. It really takes a mature mind to understand such depth.”