Being a cop is not easy. These guys work for long hours and their pay doesn’t reflect the effort they put in to make sure that you and I are safe. I believe they deserve better. Many of them have committed suicide due to these and other factors, and they continue to.


Whether because of depression related to their work or family, police officers taking their own lives in Kenya is not new.

Today morning, a female police officer identified as corporal Gaudencia Wausi, attached to the JKIA police station, shot herself dead. The officer is said to have reported back to work from leave on Tuesday.

“She went to the radio room where her male colleagues were and left her phone, baton and cap on the table. She walked out and went to the toilet, locked herself in and shot herself once in the head and died,” an officer who sought anonymity said.

He said that the female cop locked herself at the old airport arrivals wing that burnt down in a fierce fire in 2013. It is not yet clear why she shot herself, but Facebook and WhatsApp status updates, believed to have been made by her, expressed that all was not well with her.

She wrote on Facebook:


“Life is so difficult wen u live in a world here, everybody is planning evil against u and wat happens wen u cant hold it anymore and no more strength to support the few people who love and cherish u???u are left with no other option other than… help me God.”

Investigations have been launched.