Aki ya nani! We all know that female Mcs are ruling the rap industry at now. One of the biggest femcees who is well recognised for her unique lyrics is Fena Gitu who beat the odds by being one of the top celebrated rappers in the country.

We hardly never hear her in the beef that femcess often have, but one thing for sure is that there might be someone who has a bone to pick. Now take a seat; because by the time you finish reading this, you might be more than just a little shocked.

Remember Fena Gitu’s hit song Sema Ngw’e? Well, there is a guy identified by the name K Soja Mwanajeshi who has accused Fena of stealing (or should I say borrowing) his song. K Soja together with his pals Siso, Ram G, Barbra B and Double L released their song also dubbed Sema Ngwee in early 2015 before Fena’s song was released late last year.

Yes, the two songs have the same title but are two different songs when you look at how they have been done. In an interview with Fena, the Kama Kawaida rapper cited that she does not know this guy K Soja Mwanajeshi. According to her, the two have never talked, let alone met each other. Fena also added that she never knew that there was another song with the same name.

K Soja came out to write;

“…U have great music ..But why go duplicate our song .. Everybody knows Sema Ngwee was done by us ..Now everybody thinks it’s a remix without us..U should atlst reached us ..Even the studio u recorded the song everyone knows ksoja and SISO..” (sic)

Fena would then reply with reference to his comment, wondering the ‘everybody’ he was referring to;

K SOJA MWANAJESHI who is everybody ?

Just when you thought all these would end there, Fena’s fans went ham on K Soja Manajeshi;

k soja 1
k soja 4
Here is an exclusive interview with Fena Gitu;
Here is K Soja Mwanajeshi’s  song together with his friends;

It’s up to you to compare it with Fena Gitu’s song Sema Ngwe and tell us if you see any similarities…