Hardly a few days after SDE highlighted the launch of the Ustaraabu video by Grandpa’s first ever boys band, Bendi Ya Serikali, video has elicited mixed responses from people.

The video, launched last Tuesday at Club Tribeka was said to have cost them the sum of US dollars 15,000 (Ksh 1.5m) according to the record label CEO Yusuf Noah aka Refigah.

It has continued to elicit different reactions from fellow musicians including fans who claim that going by the ‘quality’ of the video it could have cost less- with others even insinuating that the CEO might have meant Ksh15,000 as opposed to  the said amount.

“15,000 US dollars –really for a video that is not of standard?” questioned an artist who did not want to be named.

When SDE sought Refigah’s opinion on this he simply dismissed their claims as baseless, maintaining that haterz will never cease to criticize on something good especially when it is coming from one of the best recording label in East Africa.

“Their reaction is a good sign and a clear indication that they are reading and following what we are doing as a recording label,” he says.

Despite this Refigah maintains that the video cost them the sum of US 15,000.

“We hired two camera drones for two days the cost of us the sum of US dollars 2000. The two red dragon cameras also cost us the sum of Sh320,000 for two days.”

“Others costs included transportation of the equipment, and the crew from Nairobi to Ole Polos and Maasai Mara which cost roughly Ksh70,000.”

Refigah also points out that on top of this the crew of eight  that accompanied them to the various shooting venues were each paid the sum of Ksh 5000, while the video director took home Ksh200,000.

The dancers, make-up artist and the outfits for the designer outfits donned by the artists cost Ksh500,000 while the one day white screen facility cost Ksh60,000 not to mention the lights, smoke, machine including several other equipment which he says he can hardly remember the cost.

As for the venues Ole Polo’s and parts of Maasai Mara, Refigah says he had to part with the sum of Ksh30,000  and another Ksh50,000 being payment for the two venues.