We all were shocked at wasafi records new years move after Diamond shared a video showing the mansion they will be operating in.

As much as many were in a hurry to conclude that the mansion was owned by Diamond who bought it at 38m the truth is finally out that they have just rented the space for $15000, and the mansion belong to a young girl.

Many found out about the ownership after Diamond Platnumz met with the mother of the 8 year old girl who owns the house.

According to reports the young girl, Hayley Hugo is the rightful owner of the mansion which was left in her name after her dad was sent to jail.

Being away from his daughter the man, Hugo ensured that his daughter got to inherit his property. While he serves his term in jail his daughter can now get school fees and up keep money by renting the mansion.

Since she is still minor, Resty (the mum) is now responsible for her daughter’s property until she gets older.

See photos of the young girl below.

Resty with her daughter, Hayley