Maina Kageni has made his first appearance since undergoing surgery an injury on his foot sustained on Sunday, July 31. Kageni will be MCing at Galileo launch were his favourite artist, Jose Chameleone will be performing.0fgjhs7sgpieur6mt-798b340d

Maina Kageni has been missing in action for almost a month after he was involved in an accident that led to surgery to correct an injury on his foot.


Kageni apparently hurt his foot on Sunday July 31, in Kajiado. He was on his usual Tembea Kenya tours.

The radio presenter is now healed and made his first public appearance today, September 9.


Maina Kageni, Martin Khafafa and friends in Agha Khan hospital on August 22.

He will be hosting a show at Galileo launch in Westlands were Uganda’s artists will be performing tomorrow.

Maina suffered a knee injury when his slipped and twisted his foot. The Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) showed damaged ligaments which needed surgical correction.



In a short statement posted on his social media, Kageni said the doctors had advised him to go under the knife since the accident was serious.

Maina has also been banned from drinking alcohol.

Maina is a big fan and consumer of Whisky and is reported to use it in all his meals.The doctors advised him to stay away from alcohol for a year to help a speedy recovery.