We are of different sizes, that is for sure! We could drop the words “fat” and replace with “plump” or “plus size” but the difference is the same.

I feel we have focused too much on the “plus size” women, so let us have a look at who are these men who refuse to loose weight? Check them out;


He is a member of the Kansoul and he refuses to be called fat. Recently, Mejja threw shade at a fan who called him fat on live TV, saying that nobody buys him anything, thus everyone should mind their own business.

The fan tweeted;

“Uliza Mejja anakulia wapi, he is bigger than Madtraxx it’s like they are going in opposite directions,”
Mejja responded in a rather rude way;

Unajua Manze, I check my weight lakini si kwa gym kwa kiio. Na kama hujawahi ninunulia kitunguu, hujawahi ninunulia nyanya and hujawahi ninunulia mafuta wewe ni nani kuniambia hivo? Mimi nataka mtu ajipende venye yuko,” he said.


Willis Raburu

He is one of the plus size male anchors in town. But it would have been sexier if suits fit him a little bit better, right? It is well remembered that during a fitness exercise he was having on Citizen Tv’s breakfast show, he dislocated a kneecap, which he admitted was intensely painful. Evidently, he cannot handle the gym.

Dk Kwenye Beat

DK Kwenye Beat
DK Kwenye Beat

He debut with the song Furi Furi featuring his mentor Jimmy gait. What happened next was record breaking. The Asusu hit maker would next grace our screens transformed. He even started dancing with his pot belly in his Sari Sari hit. The lad has since then grown even bigger.

Big Tedd

This is a man who does not fear being recognized with his weight. Thomas Kwaka well known as Big Ted one of the biggest MCs in town has already decided to cut the weight. I must say its a bold step. Ted is currently undergoing plastic surgery in India for having that weight drastically lost.

Beshte Ameamua: Popular MC Big Ted Talks About His Plastic Surgery To Loose Weight Drastically“I have just undergone a gastric bypass surgery in a hospital in India. A few months ago, I met this doctor who came to Kenya and we started talking about various things. But one of the things that caught me was the issue that I’ve been trying to take care of for a very long time, which is managing my weight. I am a big boy. I’m six foot four and I was 256kgs,” Ted Revealed.