With very few days left to Christmas, everyone is looking for perfect gift for themselves or their loved ones.

Forget diamonds, wait…no, they’re still important. But, for the millennial chic, there’s more she hopes to receive (if she hasn’t done it herself already) than just the 24-carat or more gem a guy will one day fit on her finger.

If you’re looking to impress your lady, we have the scoop on the stuff that’ll make her go gaga this Christmas.

Here are just five of the most important ones to get you started (you can thank us later).


Show me a girl who doesn’t like shoes…none! Long before stilettos became an object of desire, chicks have been shoe crazy. Footwear is literally seducing our imaginations and emptying wallets today, more than ever. In fact, while sales of most things plummeted during recession, footwear sales went up. That’s just how wired to shoe lust women are. Get her a pair and consider yourself her only hero.

The ring

Need we add more on this one? Well, just a little bit. Besides the potentially sensitive time of getting engaged, giving and receiving an engagement ring is a traditional process that sets off an exciting time in your life. Besides the ring, surprise her with the time, place and method of proposal, and make it the most memorable Christmas ever.

Mobile money app

Girls love to shop, look pretty, try out different food recipes, and just feel good about themselves. All this needs money, and you can’t always be around your girl when she needs the money, neither can you keep sending out money to her phone. Get her a mobile money app like MCoop Cash and let her have her very own. Coop card, so next time she won’t have to keep calling to get cash, she has everything right where she needs it, and you’re the hero…again!

Get her a surprise gift

This need not be flashy or over the top. The easiest gift you can get her is what you have identified after spending time with her, hearing her conversations, stuff she likes to talk about for hours on end. These are your best cues, and by the way, ladies more often than not would mention these off the cuff just for your information – sometimes to test if you’ll remember – but when you do remember, she will know for sure that you value her!

Go on a vacation with her

Whether your holiday trip enhances your yuletide nostalgia with traditions, glittery lights, and warm air or takes you to colder climate or a quiet, far-flung retreat, breaking the habit of staying home with your girl will always reward you with a Christmas you’ll never forget.

One thing’s for sure, you need money to pull each of these off so MCoop cash app and Coop card from the Cooperative Bank of Kenya are your best bet this Christmas.

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