Fans of Mexican football club Broom and Gloom want the club to win title. They then decided to bring a witch for her to perform ritual. Zulema is the name of the witch who is famous in Mexico Fan of Mexican football League side Broom and Gloom are currently devastated about the club’s inability to win a title since the year 1997 and they decided to take football to another level.
Its understands that the fans brought in a witch called Zulema to the team’s stadium in the city of Tula de Allende, in the central Mexican state of Hidalgo for her to clean up their evil bad luck spell. The blonde witch called Zulema brought a cow’s head, a pig’s head, plants and black and white candles to cast out the evil spirits.
Zulema then performed a ritual in which she used plants and holy water, black and white candles, a cow and a pig head and other strange symbols.
“In this place in the year 1997, somebody cast an evil spell. I went there to cleanse it and break the spell and make the team win at least the next match.” she said after the spiritual process.