A story is doing the rounds on social media about a woman who stalked her husband to his mpango wa kando’s house in Rongai and set his car on fire. Clearly, it’s true that women make better investigators than teams of CSI and FBI.

Some applauded her actions, while others (I suspect most of these to be men) vilified her. What happened to leaving revenge to the good Lord as the Holy Book instructs Shouldn’t the modern woman consider having tolerance implants instead of butt enhancers and boob lifters What’s true is that a hot body will get you the man, but keeping him will require tolerance.

Cases of intolerance and violence in relationships and marriages have been on the rise lately, and most of the culprits are women. We’ve heard of husbands’ ‘transformers’ being chopped and boyfriends being stabbed to death. So, the setting ablaze of a man’s car shouldn’t be a big deal, right

To my fellow women, you might not want to hear this. But hey, the truth is that men will always be men, and there is little or nothing we can do to tame a randy man.

Come to think of it, isn’t the current breed of women self-centred and mean Our grandmothers and mothers were the epitome of what the biblical wife ought to be.

My grandmother used to regale us with tales of how my grandpa used to be a drunkard before he became the church-elder we grew to know. He would come home late or in the wee hours of the morning chanting from his drinking sprees. She would dutifully open the door for him and even help carry his staggering body to bed. And food would always be ready for him at whatever hour.

She would mumble a prayer to God for bringing her husband safely back home and join him in bed. Did I mention that she was the sole bread winner at some point till her untimely death, and that she’s the one who saw most of the children through school

The modern woman would not do that. She behaves like a deranged person, would not open the door after a certain hour and would ransack her man’s pockets for incriminating evidence. Some go to the extent of randomly calling women they suspect of having a thing with their men.