It still beats my understanding why women never reveal their age. There’s no single woman I know, who has opened up to me about their age. Why are our women so coy about revealing their age?? They should tell us.

If you are young you are young and if you are OLD, nothing you can do about it. You are old! Let than sink in your mind. Please. Because it’s never a contest

Well, former Citizen TV news anchor Zein Noor was pissed off by a male lawyer who “abused” her as she celebrated her 36th birthday yesterday, Tuesday, December 13th, 2016

In return, Zein called the dude a “cow” as she showed her utter disgust after the guy seemingly referred to her as an “overage”.

See her rants below:
“A “learned MALE friend” has just told me that no man can love me because I’m over 30.”
“So this guy Glenn has been my friend for 5 years – never known my age. I’ve never known his. But coz of this current bullshit he finally asks and Glenn is just a cow!”
“While one man abused me for being over 30 today…another went and got me a beautiful scent and dropped it off to say “You’re beautiful. You’re loved.” #30somethingandproud”