Last year fashion designer cum millionaire Samuel Abisai became an envy to many after he won Sportpesa jackpot worth 221M.

After his experience on how people were all over him with advice on how he should use his money, which he ignored Abisai is now an adviser on the other end.

Last week Sportpesa announced the new jackpot winner who won a whopping 230M, the winner by the name Gordon was just a hustler in Kibera slums before he received his share of fortune.

Since Abisai was the fast jackpot winner of Sportpesa he was given an opportunity to introduce the latest millionaire in town and he gave him some advice saying.

I am happy that Ogada has joined the league of millionaires. Welcome to the club. You will get a lot of pressure. Everyone will tell you what to but just relax and do what you love, not what people want you to do.” he went ahead to reveal that he invested some of his money by opening a company which supplies paint to the whole of East Africa.

I started a a business that supplies paint in the whole East African region and bought two vehicles one personal and the other one for work ” concluded Abisai.

Well hope Gordon will also follow suit and embrace the previous millionaire’s steps in investing.