National Assembly Majority Leader Aden Duale called out Raila Odinga while shunning corruption in Kenyan.


Garissa MP Aden Duale

In the process, he has attracted many foes who shunned him for his comments. Citizen Radio Roga Roga host has also joined the the conversation by criticising Duale online.

Fred Machokaa hosts Rhumba music show on Radio Citizen

The veteran journalist wanted Raila arrested instead of guys who are in power complaining like other citizens.

“I am however, at pains to understand why my young brother Duale and party who are currently in charge of administration in Kenya rush to the media to complain about RAO stealing government funds when they have the power to arrest and prosecute him. Sasa mnataka sisi wananchi tuwafanyie nini?” said Machokaa.0fgjhs4l54l16h5v-e7e897dd

Duale claimed that Raila is shying off from speaking against corruption in ODM counties because of the monthly stipends he receives from the governors affiliated to the Orange party.

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