American rapper French Montana’s hit jam featuring Swae Lee has been hiting the airwaves with a bang ever since the release. The concept of the video and the beats were well thought of.

French and Swae Lee flew all the way to Uganda to shoot the song’s video, which was a huge achievement for Uganda and East Africa as a whole. Most international artistes prefer countries like South Africa to shoot their videos away from home, which is not a problem.


Since he released the song, he has urged his fans to join in on the #unforgettablechallenge, where you take a video of yourself dancing or singing to the jam, and trust me when I say people have gone far and beyond to join the band wagon.

And Kenya is not one to be left behind. A group of boys were video taped (for lack of a better word) dancing vigorously to Unforgettable. If you are Kenyan, you’ll understand why this video has gone viral. But if you’re not, well the highlight of the video is their dance style which is too funny to be true.

French and Swae

High schoolers have always been known to create crazy dance styles that trend for a pretty long time. And these ninjas have taken the crown on this one.

Here’s the video that has caught French Montana’s attention;