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From a Footballer to the country’s no.1 music Producer


YoAlex Producer (Alex Ngugi) is a popular award winning music producer in Kenya who has produced hundreds of Kenya’s greatest hits among them Mwanake by Benachi and Kaberere, Hadi Lini by Crème De La Crème Ft Wahu and Sudi Boy, all Hopekid’s songs among other greatest hits in the country. He has worked with top artists in the country e.g. King Kaka, Wahu, Hopekid, Daddy Owen, Sudi Boy, Eko Dyda, Guardian Angel, Benachi, Versatile Kenya, Ljay Maasai, Kaberere, Alemba etc.

He is the founder and CEO of Drama House Music which he started 4 months ago. He started his music career by working as an Intern in 2013 at Homeboyz Production before he rose to be an independent successful music producer.

“This is my 4th year in music production business” he says “In my business, I work with every artist and I do not classify music as gospel or secular, this is because these are two different ministries targeting 2 different audiences. Although personally, I am a born again Christian.”

To market his business, he ensures he has a full list of email addresses of all DJs and Radio Producers in the country, so whenever he produces a new tract, he immediately emails it to them. They can then play the tracts after listening to them. “A negative response does not pull me back, instead, if I don’t get a positive feedback from my music I go back to the studio and re-do the tract to make it better” he adds.

His love for music and his humble background while growing up is what inspired him to do music.

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“However, the biggest challenge in music production is that people don’t believe in you unless you are successful. Another challenge is every person want you to give them 100% guarantee that the music you produce for them is going to be a major hit. Yet, this is something you can never be 100% sure of. Also default payments from clients is a big challenge” he said.

To promote music industry in Kenya, YoAlex advises the government to set up rules and regulations to ensure the ratio of local and diaspora content being played or aired on our radio and TV stations is 70% to 30% respectively. More film, video and audio studios should also be set up in the country.

About his role model he says, “I Look up to Saint P who is my mentor and the one who introduced me to this industry. I also look up to Magic Mike who’s sound is unique as well. Musyoka, Decimal and Tedy B are also awesome producers and people I can talk to and work with anytime.”

I had to sacrifice football and concentrate on music/tract production. I started playing football in 2004 and won many trophies but I had to quit football in 2012 and concentrate on music” he said.                                                                                                                     His advice for young entrepreneurs; “if you have an opportunity to do what you love or what you are passionate about, just do it at that specific time and avoid procrastination. Always have discipline and good character because without character you won’t be successful.