JUST a couple of months ago after dumping his socialite girlfriend, hip-hop artiste G-Kon is in love again!

The Vile Inafaa Kufanywa hit rapper says his unsuccessful romance with the gorgeous damsel, Angel Maggy, hit rock bottom because of their “busy schedules”.

The rapper now has a new flame called Mercy Mazminda Midaye, a Kenyan national currently working and studying in the UK.

“My new girlfriend, who I intend to settle down with, is in Oxford where she works. She is also studying Law and Psychology in an Oxford university. She will soon be coming over to meet my family. We are so serious about it,” he told Word Is.

He added: “My relationship with Maggy didn’t work, first because we were not so ‘out there’, plus I was just getting over Avril.”

G-Kon will among the artistes who will be performing at next weekend’s charity concert dubbed ‘One Nation For Janet’, in aid of the ailing TV girl Janet Kanini.

#IStandWithJanet #PinkBigger

“I decided to join the event just to help and support a sister. In Kenya, we have a spirit of unity and that’s one thing that makes us so unique and keeps us together as one family. I urge all Kenyans to come on that day and let’s help and stand with Janet,” he says.