Brah Brah Brah tunataka kusikia! Yes, this is the sentiment hundreds, if not thousands, will be sharing this weekend as they troop to the iconic Ngong Racecourse to watch Tanzania’s biggest act Darassa teach them a few Swahili proverbs and tear up the stage.

Darassa, who of late has been getting quoted by all manner of high profile individuals including Church Bishops and Tanzanian President himself John Pombe Magufuli, will be making his maiden appearance into Kenya to seriously shake this town and get them girls going “Wataka Kukimbia na Hauna Brekks….What do you expect!??”

Tanzanian Hip Hop Star Darassa in action

Hopefully, crowds that will turn up at the Ngong Racecourse will be having some form of breaks to stop them from tearing away the stands and pouring onto the stage the moment the current Hip Hop King of Bongo steps on it .

And he won’t be alone…he’ll be sharing the stage with some of Kenya’s biggest acts which include Kenrazzy, DJ Moh, Dotty Family’s Kris Darling, the ladies man DJ Creme de la Creme and the Prince of Rap, Kaligraph Jones himself …with all of his swagger and fast-as-lightning rhymes.

And what’s a maaad show without one of the hottest female acts to grace it and sex it up !? Yaaaaas! Kush Tracey will be in the house too .

All eyes however will be on Mr. Classroom himself as he sets up the stage on fire as he spits witty lines after witty lines into the night .

Brace yourselves, Ladies and Gentlemen….Mr. 255 Mbwana Shamatta is coming to town !