Ghetto Flipperz artist know as Slaggy Villa from kayole has a new single truck called Wine gyal. He says that, ” I’m not the only artist from 1960- KAYOLE who do ragga music but we are many of us, but since Shaffie and Slice dispersed in music industry ragga is not dead in kayole. I respect them for what they did and for that reason we want 1960-KAYOLE to rise again “.

SlaggySlaggy also says that, “Thank to H_art the Band for the good music the group is doing and for that, 1960-KAYOLE is been represented in that genre to the fullest”. As an artist we have many and different ideas among us. Publicity is what we luck, yet we have good music. To compos a hit song, it is not easy. I wish one could be there to witness what normally happen behind the scene, when i am composing  and do re-hustle to the song.

 Like a song we did my crew and I, Airplay here is the link

slaggy,elpho and abel

 Slaggy thanks  and appreciate for the support and comments the funs give about their music. Wine gyal is so crazy, jumpy, and danceable. As soon as it is out we will be first to let you know. slaggy has featured songs like, Nyamanda remix, Pata potea, Ghetto Love and Air play. You can chat with him on Facebook: