Do you spend your days worrying about being unable to afford the fancy cars and houses you believe would make you happy?

Well, take a break from that and bask in the amazing wonder of these ghetto kids showing you what happiness truly is.


For thousands of years, dance has been a way that Africans celebrate. We express joy, success and gratitude with the way we move our bodies to the unique African rhythm and these talented kids are here to remind you of that.

The young kids, known as Triplets Ghetto Kids dance to this beautiful bit by choreographer Sherrie Silver. The video has since garnered over 326, 000 views on Youtube with most commenters admitting it has put a smile on their faces.

What are you waiting for? Click on the video below and get transported to a place where dance is contentment.

Did the kids put a smile on your face? They sure did on ours.