She hit the headlines with the song Rede…A single that has been on the top music charts for the longest time now. Gin ideal is the female artiste behind all that creativity.

In an exclusive interview, the female star opened up about the making of that hot jam. Her original version was one that made headlines, unlike her expectation.

So, Gin decided to make a remix to her hit song which she managed to release featuring Kenya’s dancehall star, Wyre.

Here is Gin Ideal’s Rede hit;

So, here is the real story. Before settling for Wyre, Gin had decided to do the remix with Uganda’s Bebe Cool and to her surprise, things did not turn out well. According to Gin Ideal, the Ugandan star went on to steal her chorus in a song he dubbed Dede.

“In the beginning we had settled for Bebe Cool and then he went ahead and took my chorus and did a song called Dede.”

Here is Bebe Cool’s song Dede;

When asked what legal recourse she took, Gin cited that she let it go instead of being all dramatic.

Here is an exclusive interview;