Mary Deya

Mary Deya, the wife of UK based televangelist Gilbert Deya, wants the government to return her ‘miracle’ babies now that she has served a full sentence and is free to fend for them.

Deya revealed that six of the miracle babies are at a children’s home in Limuru while seven are abroad with their ‘father’, Bishop Deya.

The six are Joshua, Elijah, William, Ruth, Naomi and Gilbert junior as she insisted they be called Deyas.

“Go to that home and ask for Bishop Deya’s children and they will be allowed to see you. Why are they still using our family name if we stole them” she posed.

Mrs Deya reaffirmed her innocence saying she was jailed for stealing a baby at Kenyatta National Hospital in 2005 because of their family’s links and friendship to former Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

“I was framed by forces fighting the Luo community through my husband’s close relationship with Odinga whose political star many people want dimmed by hook or crook,” she said.

She claimed that Bishops who are in good books with top government officials do weird things all the time but none is jailed or traumatised. She asked the government to return her children and focus on fighting corruption and taking care of the many orphaned and destitute children in the country.

“I have suffered untold misery and health challenges which only a few relatives sympathetic to the family can understand. I have paid the price and finished the jail term so let the government return my babies and their birth certificates to me. We are able to take care of them

“I would also like to ask the Holy Father Pope Francis to pray for men of God like that Catholic priest sentenced to death for an offence he has repeatedly said he did not commit. Why can’t people be forgiven The ultimate Judge is God,” she said.

Mary Deya was jailed for three years sentence after High Court judge Msagha Mbogholi rejected her appeal and upheld her conviction and sentence for stealing a baby boy at KNH.

Magistrate Grace Nzioka had jailed Mary in 2011 for stealing a child and giving false information, but she appealed the sentence.

The magistrate upheld medical evidence presented in court that she was not the baby’s maternal parent and ordered her to serve two years on each count. She said the sentence should run concurrently.

A doctor from KNH told the trial court that the baby boy, christened “Baby A” was only a day old when Deya was found with him leading to her arrest.

Doctors and investigators who testified against her dismissed her claims saying she was past menopause and was biologically incapable of conceiving.

Another witness said she saw Deya pick a used pad from the dustbins which she inserted in her underpants as a search was mounted in the maternity ward.

Upon conviction, she moved to the High Court seeking a reversal of the judgment. She was released on a on Sh200,000 cash bail by justice Fred Ochieng pending the appeal.

Her defence was that no parent had laid claim to the baby hence the theft charge had been unconstitutional as there was no complainant in her case.