Glen Washington is in Kenya after 13 years. The performed was 13 years ago in Mombasa which almost flopped due to poor organizers.

He came back to Kenya for an arousing welcome from his fans who were eager to see him once again as he performed their favourite songs.

Glen will be performing his new song “test of love”, his favourite songs “Kindness for Weakness, If Loving You Is Wrong, Jah Glory, Get Next to Me” among many others.

His concert goes down today at the Ridgeways Inn in Kiambu and is organised by Dread Brothers Promotion, Shashamane International and Ridgeways Inn-the Yard.

Washington’s return brings back memories of his last show in Mombasa 13 years ago, that almost flopped after he turned up on stage after midnight to the disappointment of many fans.

Ted Kwaka (Big Ted), who was to be the MC alongside Bernard Otieno (Papa Shaq), took the flak as angry fans pelted him with stones and bottles.

The event inadvertently exposed the underbelly of the organizers and put the rapper’s credibility in question.

Though his shows are highly charged, but his fans are willing to part with any amount  of money to see him perform.