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Gloria Muliro is arguably one of the finest gospel singers of our time in Kenya. The celebrated  songbird has been in the industry for a number of years now and her talent keeps getting better and better each day.

Despite the scintillating music the singer does and the fame she has earned as a result, very few people know a lot of things about Gloria Muliro.

Some would purport to claim to know but truth be told, Gloria has her own side that very few people know and understand.

The Mpango wa Kando singer recently agreed to an exclusive interview with where she disclosed a number of things which she has always kept to herself.

We sample some of the things you probably did not know about Gloria Muliro.

1. She is a trained teacher

Yes, Gloria joined a techers training college in 2002 and finished her P1 studies in 2004. She was later employed by a private school where she taught for six years before venturing into music.

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“I joined a TTC in 2002 and left in 2004 then I began teaching up to 2010. I was teaching in a private school and then at some point I joined some organization,” Gloria said.

2. Her music career

The gospel sensation officially started her music career in 2010 when she had ditched teaching. She, however, says she had been singing since 2001 in her local church. Gloria also reveals she comes from a musical family where he father played guitar and her mother was a talented singer.

“I have grown up singing, from the time I was born more than 30 years ago.”

3. Secret behind her songs

The singer says that she has no particular secret for doing great songs but she in most cases prays for knowledge and understanding. But she reveals that most of her songs are as a result of experiences she has had in life.

“The secret is just obeying what I feel, singing what I feel is in me,” she says.

4. She separated with her husband in 2015. Is she planning to go back?

Not now. Not any time soon. Gloria for the first time opens up about Eric Omba, the man whom she married but ended up breaking her heart over alleged infidelity. Gloria says that she is one person who always forgives whenever she is wronged. She says she is completely forgiven Eric because that is what the Bible demands.

So is she going back to him? No. Why? Because Eric has not made efforts to look for her. He is only on social media begging for forgiveness but has never looked for her physically to solve out the problem so she is not ready to go back.

“I have no problem with anyone. Probably there is what people expect or understand but I have no problem with anyone. If you need a wife, you go for her. You cannot send anyone to go look for a wife for you,” she says.

5. The much talked about ‘Mpango Wa Kando’ song

Yes, many have been asking what was the motivation behind the controversial Mpango Wa Kando hit. When Gloria announced her separation with Eric, many wondered if she had sang the song following what she had been going through in her life.

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No one really knew why she did the song. But Gloria sheds enough light on the same.

“Mpango wa Kando song was supposed to be a wedding song. There might have been things that were happening, but I wont say this particular song came because of that,” she added.