Gloria Muliro’s ex-husband Eric Omba has now changed tune saying that he’s not settling down with Bella D. He claims Kenyans online misquoted him.

Just a few weeks ago, Kenyans were congratulating Gloria Muliro’s ex-husband Eric Omba after he “announced” he has moved on and plans to marry Bella D.

Gloria Muliro and ex-husband Eric Omba

He has now changed tune and is saying Kenyans misquoted him.

“I am not living with any woman nor have any intentions of re-marrying as insinuated,” Eric Omba said in an interview with Pulse Magazine. 

Bella D

“I have always believed that God’s timing is the best. The fact that I posted something on my Facebook does not guarantee anyone to extract information from my page and twist it to suit their own interest.”

One fan on Facebook boldly asked, “Bado Gloria ni wako? Translated to, “Is Gloria still yours?” A question which the pastor bluntly replied by saying, “Yes, she is still mine,” he said after hinting he’s with Bella D in an one-on-one Facebook chat with fans that “misled” Kenyans.

Omba told Pulse that Bella D lives close to him and is a member at his church but it ends there. He really didn’t want to share much after that.

“I bet it is just a little misunderstanding of whatever I post on my Facebook wall leading people to jump into conclusions,” said Omba who posted a photo of Bella’s baby when she was born. “Nevertheless, I am already used to being victimized.”

Bella D is a now a gospel singer signed to Omba’s Spotlight Media after being promoted from a choir member.

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