A popular gospel artist has come out to claim that God has revealed to her the cause of all the recent fires in Kenyan high schools. The number of burnt schools has gone up to 100.

Princess Farida
Princess Farida

“Three weeks ago the Lord showed me the devil farting – akiharibu hewa. I didn’t understand what it meant at the time, slowly God begun to show me how the enemy has released unrest and upheaval in the atmosphere… The recent wave of unrest is proof that the enemy is targeting destruction of masses,” she posted on her Facebook page on July 24.

She said the devil was targeting masses in malls, stadiums, schools and churches not only in Kenya but also globally.

“Let’s take place as Christians and stop his plans and put God’s plans through intercession,” Princess Farida added.

Properties in over 100 secondary schools have been set on fire in the last few months. Four fire incidents were reported on Wednesday, July 27, and five others a day earlier.

Princess Farida was formerly known as ‘Queen of Chakacha’ due to her prowess in the dance.

In 2001, Princess Farida stopped her secular performances and became a Christian after hearing voices while on her way from performing in the United Arab Emirates.

“I saw images of people dressed in pure white. A voice spoke to me, a very clear voice that I had not heard before, asking me to repent if I wanted to go to heaven. I followed the voice and got born again. I left the band and converted from a Muslim and became a Christian,” Princess Farida told The Standard in an interview.