Break ups are inevitable and affect anyone, if a woman particularly decides to leave you there is nothing that can change her mind. It is said that women start cheating emotionally and when they eventually do it physically, a man should know that it is done, done for real.

This is the story of a known gospel artist who’s wife-to-be decided to love another man despite them being engaged.

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Gospel singer Hey-Z Da Brand is a man who knows too well how it feels being left by a woman you love and promised each other happiness forever.

Hey Z whose real name is Daniel Ng’ang’a Heho had engaged Mercy Njoki, a former actress in the local TV drama, Tahidi High, early in the year but things changed after Njoki allegedly started seeing her boss.

Speaking to an entertainment journalist at Mpasho, Hey-Z divulged that he called the guy identified as Bob, whom the mother of his son was apparently seeing but the lad denied having an affair with Mercy.


The Kisogo hit maker and Mercy during happy times

Mercy, however, has Bob all over her Instagram page and any one can see from the pictures that the two are closer than just being work mates.

Hey-Z, on the other hand, blames himself for the break up saying that perhaps he did not give Mercy the attention she needed.


Hey-Z and Mercy during their engagement

Hey-Z went down on one knee by the pool at Villa Doris Resort in Malindi when Mercy accepted to marry him only for their six-year relationship to crumble like it did.


Mercy and Bob