Kenyan gospel singer, Michael Gitari has proposed to his girlfriend in what has been seen as one of the cutest proposals we’ve ever seen

A Kenyan gospel singer has left the shelves and proposed to his lover in a most delightful way. A sweet simple proposal that will make you want to get married too.


Kenyan gospel singer proposes to his lover in a beautiful surprise (photos)

Michael Gitari, best known for his hit single Mwenye Haki and Wanajua, a song that he did with Pitson decided to join the rest of the gang that has settled down the last couple of years.0fgjhs7te4ft5of9s.547a4c6a

Working with his friends and family and unbeknownst to his wife to be, Gitari organised a small surprise party at one of Nairobi’s parks.

The girl, identified as Nailantei showed up to the animal orphanage for what she had assumed to be the usual dates with her man only that this time she had been told that there would be gathering, attended by her family and friends.


So she showed up dressed in red and black- the colors of love, and was directed to a wooden platform upon which, her husband-to-be lay in wait, a ring on his hand.

On the floor, rose petals spelled out the million dollar question. She fought back the hot tears of joy and muttered a guttural yes!


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