Many people believe January is a broke month but singer Ringtone is here shocking masses after he revealed to be buying a chopper worth 200m.

Since many dont know the source of his money or wealth the singer has taken it to social media explaining why he is in a position to but a chopper worth millions.

Speaking to eDaily Ringtone opened up saying he is looking for something that costs around Ksh 150 to 200 million.

I have set aside Ksh200 million for the acquisition of a used chopper. Though, if I can get one which goes for Ksh150 million; and it is in good condition, I wouldn’t mind going for it,”

Is the money legit?

Since many have been asking where he gets his money from, Ringtone finally answered their questions saying;

My businesses helped me raise the Ksh200 million. This country has a very conducive environment for one to do business. So, I am one of those people doing business in this country. I am not an idle musician; I am an entrepreneur, who engages in several trades. I won’t disclose details about my businesses. When one does something good with his life, God blesses the work of his hands. I am blessed. Watu waache wivu. And you cannot judge a book by its cover. Just because I walk around the streets of Nairobi; it doesn’t mean you know the amount of money stored in my bank account. It is only God who knows my worth. I have many businesses not registered under my name; I won’t reveal their nature.”

He concluded saying;

Watu waache kujudge wengine kwa kuangalia sura na miaka,