Musician Bahati is said to be joining politics He will be vying for unspecified seat using the Jubilee Party(JP) ticket. The artiste recently became a close ally of president Uhuru. Kenyatta after staging a powerful performance on October 2016 during the launch of JP.0fgjhs7u1cgaeglcs-9c918930

Popular gospel musician Bahati is reported to be contemplating joining politics.

It is not clear which political party he will be contesting on amid unconfirmed reports that he will be vying on a Jubilee Part ticket.

Bahati made a huge comeback to the entertainment scene during the launch of Jubilee Party held on September 2016 where he wowed the crowd with his smash hit that saw him obliviously unseat president Uhuru Kenyatta.0fgjhs2u5q9qqvd8t-e481edf0

”For most of the weekend a poster showing Bahati all dressed up, asking people to vote him in for the position of MCA Makueni under the Jubilee party, has been making rounds much to the amusement of many,” says the statement further

Standard further quotes an interview Bahati did with Kiss FM that the musician is said to have outlined that he would not be going for a lesser seat in 2017 General Elections.

Musicians always use their popularity for self-gain due to  the huge fan base they control.In most cases,the latter never work for them