Music is good when we listen to and do it for the right reasons. But Im surprised that some musicians use their talents for the very wrong reasons.

Being an election year some musicians have taken the opportunity to exploit political parties and politicians to amazement of many.

some of the musicians have composed songs to praise NASA and the principals. some are promoting¬† hate speech in disguise xo to say. We know it is the work of musicians to entertain, but when you do it to entice people for the purpose of campaign so as to get financial boost it’s wrong.

A gospel artist has decided to compose a song stamping the Jubilee Party leaders, the president and deputy endorsing them for state house.

We know him being a gospel artist he is diverting his talent to and using it for the wrong reasons. Being A reknown gospel artist, Ben Githae has misused his gift to compose campaign song. He should go back to where he he missed the way as the bible says.

To some of his fans are so happy with the song but others feel he has gone overboard in his music. Ben Githae has been known for his songs like ‘ulianza na roho unamalizia na mwili kwa nini?’ So, we are asking him ‘ulianza na roho unamalizia na mwili kwanini ndugu?’.