dr-ofwenekePopular gospel star, Nicah the Queen has revealed to her fans that she struggles with sexual addiction. Nicah confessed that she struggles with some issues despite her high profile. In the past she has revealed that her upbringing was a tough one.

Nicah was raised by a single dad after her mother deserted her and her little siblings. Her life has not been rosy. The Pagawisha hitmaker got another blow when she got pregnant at 15-years-old and the man, a 26-year-old took off as soon as he found out she was pregnant.dr-ofwenekes-woman1

Nicah lived the proverbial hard knock life before she eventually met her prince charming, comedian Dr. Ofweneke. The two are engaged and have a daughter together.

Nicah has revealed that as a Christian, she struggles with issues like sex addiction, she encourages others who are going through the same.

“I’m not scared of sharing my testimony,my calling ain’t for the perfect but for the stained…..I will repeat it over and over again,confidently without the fear of being judged!I am who I am because of what I went through….I’m here to give hope to those young ladies struggling with sex addiction,abortion,single mamas,prostitutes and many more,and teaching those in school the benefits of abstinence and dangers of having a “SPONSOR” to better their lives……May my God give me strength,” Nicah wrote.