The beautiful , gorgeous and curvy Grace Msalame admits its not easy to co-parent the little girls.Co-parenting is a tricky thing. You find that you as the parents must set aside any differences you may have -perceived or real, for the wellbeing of the kids. And make no mistake about it, that is no mean feat.Grace-Msalame-1131313-420x420

Think about it, there is a legitimate reason why the two of you aren’t together anymore right? And sometimes the end was acrimonious. Yeah, adulting sucks.
Grace Msalame Publicly Acknowledges The Father Of Her Children With The Sweetest Father’s Day Message Evergrace-msalame-and-the-father-of-her-children

But Grace Msalame and the father of her twins make it look too easy. The pair of them might not be together, but they always come together to let their daughters know that they are loved, appreciated and celebrated.Grace-Msalame-12213-420x420

So it was that they had a school concert that the twins were performing in so they came together to show love and celebrate them.