Grace Msalame is among the most respected media personalities in Kenya. Last year she was listed among the top 40 under 40 women in the country. She is among the most influential women in Kenya especially on social media.

Grace is among the few celebrities in Kenya who replies to people’s comments on her social media page. She recently posted a photo of her and Nyashinski and people decided to ask if they are dating or not. Others assumed that they are and begun congratulating her. Others felt like she deserves better. But Grace took her time and responded to almost everyone’s comment.

Grace Msalame

Here are some of the comments that followed the photos;

mitzymugo: I don’t even know why but I keep praying that you get married not to Nyashinski though if love will it so be it, but to a good man to love and cherish you. That’s all, sorry for being meddlesome.. Lol PS:I know that you are complete on your own.