The year has started with surprises as we have witnessed celebrities getting married just as the year was beginning, others are expecting babies and most are getting engaged like Grace Msalame.

It has though come as a surprise after fans were trying to hook her with different men last year, that she had to cool her fans down. They were eager to know if she is dating after her baby daddy got married to Evlyn. They kept on guesing if she is who could be the lucky man.

Grace Msalame who is the moher to Paul Ndichus twins, surprised many last year after she agreed for her twin daughters to participate as flower girls to their fathers wedding who was getting married to another woman.

Many women confessed they couldn’t accept such a thing with the thought you are the one who should be walking down the isle with the father of your babies.

It came like a shocker but with Grace Msalame it happened with zero chills and comfortably she did it. A heart of gold? yes!

And well, Yes it has now happened to her. She is engaged!!!