dyncbvchgd1pep5v9fm5719c224c0cc0Maina Kageni and Mwalimu Kin’gang’i

These two need no introduction. Even as authorities over the years have sought to gag stations that are deemed too provocative, the pair has made their names in local media by discussing racy subjects, in their morning radio show. Their chemistry on Classic FM is natural: The dramatic Maina takes the more logical side on debates while Kin’gang’i infuriates many, especially the ladies, but acting like an old uncle who still thinks a woman’s place is in the kitchen.

Their show is one of the most listened to in the country, most matatus tune in, earning it the nickname Matatu FM. The two have in equal measure cheered, irritated and shocked Kenyans on many mornings and that is why their chemistry rocks, many years later. Many were relieved when the rumour that Maina was going to quit radio turned out to be just that, a rumour.

Mohamed Ali and John-Allan Namuzepejh7j5hkb749j5719c26032768

The rumoured 2017 political aspirant Mohamed Ali found his bold match in the uber-cool Namu. For years now, the two have ruffled political, religious and corporate feathers by exposing the ills in society through their no-holds-barred exposes. From extra judicial killings to lead poisoning in Changamwe, the two have dug deeper to stake their claim as the leading local journalists who thrive in the uncomfortable and murky world of investigative journalism.

The two are currently exposing rogue Nairobi County askaris and the systems that extort traders’ billions every year in Kanjo Kingdom and Kibubusa cha Kanjo. Whenever they are on air, both the affected and the culprits watch with equal interest.

Kalekye Mumo and Shaffie Werunazevlwhm8abah7nqt5719c2a16ffc8

Shaffie bought Kalekye an iPhone 6 during her birthday early this month, a gesture that goes a long way to show just how the two relate. Part and parcel of the popularity of FM stations in Kenya, the two are joined at the hip and when they were moved from their evening slot to the morning show, many fans were curious to see how the outgoing Shaffie will cope with the 6-10 time frame. “Well, I have had to make a few adjustments, but that doesn’t mean that my partying lifestyle is about to change,” said Shaffie at the time.

Their chemistry is based on their different perspective to issues. The loud Shaffie, whose life outside the station is also loud, colourful and bubbly, is always on the extreme. Kalekye is the reasonable one and gives the perspective of an older sister who knows what’s best for her younger, wild brother. The two have one of the best lady-man combinations in the entire radio industry.

Gloria Muliro and Willy Paul Msafipylwxhypybixk8sd75719c319d4d10

The two are very different in disposition. Gloria represents a much older school of thought, is relaxed and very straight with her religious endeavors. On the other hand, Willy Paul is everything that is the modern secular, egoistic, scandalous-prone, and swagged up artiste. But every time the two hit the studio, magic happens. Ever since Willy’s Midas touch was discovered when the hit Sitolia came out, the two have remained close. They have worked on another hit, Kitanzi and the Sijafika whose video was shot at The Kempinski.

While the public arena is always awash with information about Willy Paul’s meandering ways, Size 8 is on record, saying he is one of the best and most talented gospel artistes in Kenya.

Gloria Muliro could not agree more.

Lulu Hassan and Kanze Denapgvbm0kh7tibmpe45719c353123c8

The only all-female duo on TV at the moment, these two Swahili news anchors have gathered fans with their flawless use of the coastal language and natural beauty. Alongside the life coach Bi Mswafari, a later addition to the bulletin, their TV slot has seen a spike in interest, with ladies seeming to relate with the three on different levels.

A decorated studio with a Coastal mat, three-legged chairs and other props to create the setting for a counselling session, Kanze and Lulu have made Saturday evening Swahili news seem like a romantic event that cannot be missed.