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Time has led to a rift between the two that did not seem possible a few months back. The Dandia and Mazishi artiste were inseparable, both having hit the showbiz scene at almost the same time. Whether it’s their effort in Kukachora, We Be Happening, Biashara and You Got Me Sexy, the two had it all with their crispy lyrics and boastful rhymes.

In fact, no two rap artistes have in recent times seem to blend better than these two rhymers from the western part of Kenya.

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Jalas and Alex Mwakideu

These two are the reason #AlexNaJalas trends every morning from Monday to Friday. Jalas, who was part of Kiss 100 morning show with Caroline Mutoko before he left for Radio Maisha, is the comic of the two, employing his Luo accent to entertain morning fans of the station. Mwakideu, who honed his skills in leading Mombasa stations, is the more composed of the two.

Besides the morning shows, the two have taken their chemistry outside the studio. They have hosted shows across the country, including the latest, Akothee’s All White Party in a Mombasa club.

“Ours is a natural coming together of different people with the same ambitions and objectives,” said Mwakideu. “We know we rock, and the trick is to make everything as natural as it comes.”

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Janet Mbugua and Hussein Mohammed

The look on Hussein Mohammed’s face when the expectant Janet Mbugua pranked him that her water had broken on live TV remains priceless. He stood there, rooted to the spot and was visibly shaken for an entire three minutes, even after being told it was a prank – the kind of thing the usually calm news anchor never shows. The two are intuitive and TV perfect, all the way to the little jokes they throw at each other. Janet, who devastated many ‘fisis’ when news about her engagement and pregnancy filtered through, is the perfect match for the eloquent and captivating Hussein, who ditched the bachelors club last year, much to the disappointment of many ladies. The two make it fun to watch TV.

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Mejja and Madtraxx

The two artistes, who later picked up their producer Kora for the popular group Kansol, are another duo with instant and obvious chemistry. The two first came together with [email protected] in Raundi Hii and went on to produce hits such as Twenzetu. Recently, they have dropped jams such as Nyongwa and Tumekubali that are just part of the interesting, funny and comical hits that made the group become Blue Moon Vodka ambassadors. An earlier interview with Genge artiste Jua Cali summed the friendship up.

“‘If Mejja is not here (at Calif Records), he is hanging out with Madtraxx. They are always together,” he said in the 2014 interview.tqtil2qnarqtoz5719c958a5358

        Nazizi and Wyre

The last two members of pioneer music group Necessary Noize formed at the turn of the millennium are always musically compatible and seem to pick up from where they left off every time they hit the studio, despite pursuing solo careers. A good example is last year’s Dru Hill concert in Kenya, where they mesmerised the audience. Whether it is reggae, dancehall or hip hop, their musical efforts are always head and shoulders above their peers.