As some artists reject their nominations in the controversy-ridden Groove Awards, some are just happy and thankful their song found away into the awards.

Gospel rapper Tony Maluda recently opened up of how he was in a rock-bottom state while trying to shoot the video for his latest song “Easy” which features Juliani and has been nominated for the awards.

“After recording my song with Juliani the next thing to do was to shoot the music video,” Maluda shared on his official Facebook page while trying to give a short insight on how he managed to beat all odds and come up with the visuals.

“I had no money at that point, I had lost my job. Soon after, I was so desperate i tried all I could but to no avail. I resulted to printing my CD and a short Bio on a paper and gave it to anyone who I thought would help me.”

The born-again MC saw desperation push him to the limit. He happened to spot fellow singer, Jaguar, in town and he quickly decided to casually approach him to see whether he might convince the always philanthropic singer to sponsor his video shoot. Things, however, didn’t go as expected.

“One day I was In town I saw singer JAGUAR in his Range Rover. It was so new it had no plates on it. I ran to him, at first I hesitated I saw a watchman along the road and told him, ‘there is JAGUAR I want to ask him to help me shoot a music video.’” he wrote.

“The guy looked at me and encouraged me to try and not be afraid. I was encouraged and I figured I had nothing to lose I knocked his car window and gave him my CD, told him who I was. Told him this is my song ft Juliani help me shoot a video to it. He took my bio and CD, asked me ‘why don’t you ask Juliani to help you?’. (It doesn’t work like that) I didn’t have an answer to that. He told me he’d listen then get back to me….”

Jaguar however never got back and Maluda, even in his desperate state, somehow understood why.

“He didn’t (get back) and I don’t blame him though. I can only imagine how many people approach him.” he said.

Maluda in the end managed to shoot Easy which has been nominated for the Groove Awards, Best Hip-hop Category and will be up against Eko Dydda’s “Nina One”, MC LC – Serrre, P31 – Its Time and Recap with “5 Stones” on June, 1, 2016 at the Gala Awards ceremony in Nairobi.

The song was released on Sep. 21, 2015 and is the second single off Maluda’s Ep “LAMP ON A STAND”.



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