Guess who is in town? Yes, the queen of pop herself, Madonna is in Kenya and Maasai Mara to be precise.

She announced her whereabouts to her 7.8 million Instagram followers earlier today with the caption “ Good Morning Kenya!”  accompanying a picturesque image of her view of the Mara.

This makes her visit no secret but the purpose is unclear. She has received so much love on the comments from Kenyan’s who are welcoming her to surrounding towns where she could visit during her stay in Kenya.

Where there is love, there has to be hate. One follower expresses their disgust claiming that she could be in the country with a mission to adopt.

The foster mother of two African children of Malawi origin received backlash during her adoption process but hasn’t hinted on adding another member to her family yet.

She however continues to run her charity through a campaign dubbed Raising Malawi.

The papa don’t preach singer recently celebrated 30 years since the release of her third studio album “True blue”  which was released June 30th 1986.