Hot96’s presenter Monique Kabuye is without a doubt one of the best female personalities in the country. The sultry presenter, who is blessed with a golden voice, is also a gifted singer/songwriter and TV Presenter. Monique, who joined Hot96 in 2013, has been giving her counterparts a run for their money ever since she graced the airwaves and her sweet melodious voice has enabled her gain a huge fan-base.


Monique, a mother of one, has always maintained a low profile away from the public eye and that’s why little is known about her. Well, Monique is married to one handsome man and she has been sharing photos of her young family all over social media, a clear indication that she is in love with them.

Meet the man who warms Monique’s bed;


Did you know that Monique hosted Afrodizzia for 5 years? Now you know.