She informed you at the comfort of your leaving room but you never saw her with less clothes on. Pheonah Kenga’s former colleagues at Royal Media Services say she she is leaving large and someone is paying for it.

There is no doubt that former Citizen TV reporter Pheonah Kenga is enjoying her life.

Ex-citizen TV reporter Pheonah Kenga

 Judging from the photos Kenga uploads online, the journalist who left Citizen TV under unclear circumstances, visits luxurious destionations where only people with deep pocket dare step.

While at the fancy hotels, the former TV siren is never shy showing off her flesh.

Phoenah is enjoying her life

It is said that she started the high-end lifestyle while still a reporter but stayed tamed to maintain good reputation.

Now that she is no longer working for the media, Kenga has nothing much to lose but gain.

Pheona leaves nothing for imagination