It would seem this one is not going to end anytime soon. For those of you who have been residing under a rock, Diamond’s alleged lover Hamisa Mobetto recently had a child whom many speculated was his.

Her husband and the father of the child coming out to claim his child notwithstanding, she fuelled the flames by naming her son after the singer. Further fanning the flames were his mother and sister who visited the child with gifts after he had been birthed.

But when Diamond broke his silence, it was to blistering effect as he ethered Hamisa claiming she was just an attention whore:

But it would seem Hamisa Mobetto wasn’t going to take his response lying down. She fired back a salvo of her own in a response that was rather tempered and mature. Her response was:

hamisamobetto If You Know Yourself, You’ll Not Be harmed By What Is Said About You 💅🏽
#9Months🤰🏽 #MsFabulosity 👸🏼
Mama ake na prince dully @abdulnaseeb_tz 💙
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