Since it was reported that Hamisa was pregnant for the second time, well, it was evident that many people would have concluded that she was pregnant for Diamond Platnumz. The two have been on many occassions, accused of being in a relationship.

Remember the time Zari found earrings in their bedroom, that looked exactly like the ones Hamisa had been spotted wearing? That was one awkward moment for the three as it seemed like something fishy was going on.

A while back, Diamond came out strongly to trash rumours that Hamisa was pregnant for him. Speaking to a Tanzanian radio station, he refuted the claims saying, ““Tangia ilivyotoka video ya Salome,yalitoka maneno mengi sana kwamba mimi natoka na Hamisa. Baada ya video ilibidi nikae naye  mbali kwa sababu tena naona nikama matatizo. Naskia ni mjamzito na sijawaikua na mahusiano naye.