Hamisa Mobeto is one of the most spoken about socialites in her native Tanzania and indeed in Kenya as well seeing as how she got paid to make a club appearance in Nairobi. Aye, she is something of a big deal.

Anyway, she has been rumoured to be having a thing with Diamond for the longest time, an allegation she has really done very little to denounce. Then again, I can’t really blame her for not caring much about clarifying the rumours, I wouldnae be bothered either.

So what now? Well, she decided to reveal who it was that she has been making children with and trust that it was a doozy. I, like you, happened to expect her to introduce Diamond Platnumz much to the chagrin of Zari but hey, we can rest easy.

She introduced a man who bore no resemblance to Diamond in any way shape or form.

She had apparently broken up with her baby daddy for unknown reasons but it would seem they have since reconciled. We have learnt that the lass got back with her baby daddy, Majizzo aka Majey who is the father of her first born daughter and also the man responsible for her second pregnancy.