Chibus or diamond Platnumz clan drama is far from over, we have been watching the drama as it evolves day by day. The story is far from over as things seem.

One, Zari is seen off the relationship with Diamond Platnumz as she posted on social media calling Diamond Platnumz “Shetani” , this is what she posted after failing to attend Diaomnds birthday party in Tanzania and Mandale and neither did she wish him happy Happy birthday.

“Shetani kasema twende🤣….. lakini siji namagoti madale. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, hugs, kisses😘 and learn not to take social media that serious. Have some laughs and detox the week that was”.

Or who was referred to as devil??? Maybe you can help me understand “shetani, na siji Mandale”. Coz Mandale is where diamond and Zaris home is, actually diamonds home place.

Wait a minute, i was talking about Hamisa Mobetto alleged engagement ring. Hope you have seen it as she likes displaying everything on social media.

What she tried to put across is that Zari couldn’t attend Diamonds multiples birthday parties which started a day before his actual birthday. As Hamisa puts it she couldn’t attend them as it was her engagement party cam Daimonds birthday party.

Do you believe Hamisa? We are not insinuating anything, usabasi nao? But this is what she put through on snap chat.