Hamisa Mobetto, the video vixen whom Diamond Platnumz cheated with is making headlines. Again!


This time, the model cum actress is said to have followed the bongo singer to Dubai and spent the best part of last week together.

Talking to Millard Ayo, Mobetto denied the claims;

“People should just get used to it kwa sababu ni baba wa mtoto wangu. Lakini No sijakutana na Naseeb Dubai. Hata ningekutana naye its for me and him to know not for people. Its for me to know and for them to find out.”

She added;

“Sipendi kuongelea kuhusu baba watoto zangu unajua the Internet never forgets. I don’t want them to grown up and read the nasty stories.”

When asked about the case she had filed against her celebrity baby daddy Hamisa simply responded;

“I’m trying to protect my kids.”

An angry fan then took to social media to tell Zari that Diamond “anaibiwa” and the boss lady did not hesitate but respond with a killer comment;