Hamisa uses Zari’s pic to update her profile, bashed by Zari’s fans..

Hamisa Mobetto and Zari share one thing in common, Diamond Platnumz, who happens to be their baby daddy. One is the main chic and the other is a side chic, but this very thing has bothered the video vixen so much that she will do anything to remain afloat as compared to making her sink.

Her yesterday stunt has fallen flat. The mom of two in her latest bid to make her presence in the life of Diamond Platnumz felt has failed miserably when she tried to share a pic on her wall. The pic of Diamond Platnumz bonding with his daughter, Tiffah, was the pic that Hamisa updated on her wall attracting a lot of bashing in the process.

The pic is for Zari’s first born with Diamond Platnumz, Tiffah, who happens to be a girl and yet Hamisa’s baby with the Hallelujah singer is a boy.

Hamisa did not do enough research to know that blue is for boys and pink for girls, so if the pic she was sharing was meant to be Diamond Platnumz showing some love to his child with Hamisa, Prince Abdul, the baby could have been wrapped up in a blue baby shawl, at least that is a golden rule for celebrity babies.