Jason Derulo’s Los Angeles mansion was broken in to last month.

And according to TMZ, the home burglary is suspected to be an inside job.

The 28-year-old singer was robbed of $600,000 in jewelry and $80,000 in cash while an employee was asleep in the home during the time of the crime.

Jason Derulo 1

The website’s law enforcement source reported that the thieves ‘pried’ a door to get into Derulo’s home and went straight to the room containing the safe.

Once they got to the room, they smashed the safe until they were able to open it and take its contents.

Their insider revealed that ‘multiple suspects’ broke into the house.


The employee who was asleep in the home during the crime was reportedly far from the room with the safe, TMZ said.

The suspects only went to the one room containing the safe.

Jason was not in town at the time of the burglary.

Jason Derulo 4

After the burglary, an employee of Jason went to his home and saw that someone came into the house and took belongings; they then called the police to report the crime, TMZ said.

In 2014, Jason purchased a $3 million home in the Tarzana, a neighborhood in Los Angeles, after he broke up with Jordin Sparks.

However, it is not known if this is his current residence.