Nasizu hit the headlines when Churchill introduced him to the world as the best bongo hit maker from Meru during the Meru Churchill Show edition. This was definitely the start of a new beginning in his music career.

Then came another edition of the Churchill Show where Ali Kiba and the Meru superstar graced the occasion. I must agree that the kid has a gift and would later ask Ali Kiba to do a collabo with him. Ali Kiba went ahead to agree to do a collabo with the Meru Kid.

Nasizu asked Ali Kiba;Tafadhali Ali Kiba naomba kwa hisani yako tufanye Nyimbo pamoja…Ali Kiba, ungependa kufanya nyimbo na mimi?

Ali Kiba answered by saying Yes, the two would do a collabo. Mc Jessy would later back Nasizu’s question by asking Ali Kiba again if he would really do a collabo with the Meru guy;

Ali Kiba would then say:“Yea, ipo, akama nilivyosema YES”

But did Ali Kiba break his promise to this Meru guy Nasizu? Let’s find out some possible reasons…?

Diamond is Nasizu’s Mentor

We all know Ali and Diamond have been rivals for the longest time and with Diamond playing such a big role in Nasizu’s life, Ali would probably think twice about working with him. The poor boy!

He performs Diamond’s Music

It’s unlikely that Ali Kiba would do a collabo with this Meru kid who always loves his rival Diamond. He even performs his songs all over his shows. No way!


He has a Diamond Refix

Remember the song Utanipenda by Diamond? Nasizu went ahead to write a version of the song in Meru which most probably reached Diamond’s ears. If he really wanted a collabo, he could have at least chosen an Ali Kiba song.

He said He was Meru’s Diamond

In the Meru edition, Nasizu performed the song Nitampata Wapi by Diamond before revealing that he was Meru’s Diamond. Ali might have had to research this boy he was about to do a collabo with and alas, he probably found out how Diamond-inspired he was.

“Kwa mapenzi ya mafans, unajua wananiita Diamond wa Meru, Sasa nataka kumuwakilisha Diamond huku ajue kuna watu ambao wanamuenzi pia…”

He Struggled To  Find Diamond

Nasizu who has now released a couple of songs went to the extent of traveling to Dar es Salam just to meet the Nasema Nawe hit maker. Nasizu says it was a huge challenge to find the now multi-award winning artiste and his manager.